What is Journey to 2040?

“Journey to 2040” is a strategic plan comprised of three standalone yet coordinated planning efforts: Downtown Master Plan, Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan, and Comprehensive Plan Update. 

Dowtown Plan logo-01.png

Downtown Faribault has undergone significant change over the past 100 years.  With several nationally recognized historic structures and an active local business community, Downtown Faribault is celebrated for its unique heritage and character.  What opportunities do the next 20 years hold? 

Parks Plan logo-01.png

The City's Parks and Recreation Department and partners have been on the forefront of shaping opportunities to community events, fitness programs, sports and recreation activities, as well as access to parks, trails, and shelters.  The Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan represents a comprehensive and integrated strategy to build on the strengths of the existing system over the next 20 years. 

Comp Plan logo-01.png

The future of Faribault will continue to be built on the foundation of the City's history and relationship to the larger southeast Minnesota region.  As the local and regional economy changes, the City will continue to require a planning response that guides development patterns and integrates past and current planning work.  This Comprehensive Plan Update will build on the 2003 Comprehensive Plan and provide an integrated framework for future planning decisions.

What is the Purpose of this Project?

The purpose of this project is to develop a cohesive road map guiding recommendations on the future vision for Faribault. 

How long will it take to prepare?

The planning process is being structured in four phases and it is anticipated to be completed in summer of 2019.