Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan Update is a city-wide study of the conditions that impact the quality of life in Faribault and a blueprint for supporting a unique place to call home, place to do business, and place to play.  It is "comprehensive" in that it links broad goals and long-range objectives to different, interdependent City functions and services. 


The City envisions the Comprehensive Plan Update as an action-oriented plan that incorporates the best aspects of traditional comprehensive plans and the best aspects of strategic plans.  The Comprehensive Plan will be developed to function as a clear and enduring implementation tool that ensures success in meeting planning, urban design, and economic development goals as well as allowing for flexibility and innovation over time. This will reinforce a compelling identity so that the City of Faribault continues to thrive into the future. The planning process will include identification of key issues or land uses of particular interest that have the potential to significantly impact the long-term sustainability of the community.


Similar to the Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2003, this planning effort will support a series of policies and initiatives that guide the efficient use of local resources.  The study of existing conditions and resulting policy recommendations will build on the topics studied in the 2003 plan, including land use, housing, transportation, and utilities.  As part of the Plan update process, additional elements and topics will be explored, including intergovernmental cooperation between local and regional stakeholder groups; the integration of Faribault's energy goals across related policy areas; and emergency response and preparedness for extreme weather events.  The Downtown Master Plan and Parks, Trails, and Open Space Plan will serve as complementary planning efforts that provide greater focus on area-specific ideas and improvements. 

Please visit the Comprehensive Plan Update Steering Committee webpage to meet the community members helping to guide this planning process and continue to visit this page for the latest updates.

We hope to hear from you and to meet you at upcoming community events!