Downtown Pop-Ups Coming

The City of Faribault is calling on residents, businesses and community organizations to help transform spaces in and around downtown Faribault into active places that will help showcase their unique talents and perspective on what a Great Downtown feels like!

The Pop-Up Activation event will be held on Thursday, August 16th, with performances and activities happening from noon-1pm and 3pm-7pm.  Participating organizations will create the spaces early in the day for the public to experience and celebrate throughout the day. Spaces will be taken down by 8pm the evening of the 16th.

Businesses, organizations and individuals of all kinds are encouraged to bring their energy and perspective to positive, fun and meaningful spaces in the downtown area. Transform a parking space into a pop-up park!, create an outdoor dining area, build a space for people to place games or help connect downtown with nature. We welcome and encourage your talents and ideas to create sucessful community spaces!

We will take what we learn from the event and begin to develop a plan to further strengthen our downtown by creating great places and experiences.

A final map of all the pop-up locations will be created and distributed encouraging visitors to travel to these spaces to engage with their activities and ideas.

A pre-event meeting for interested participants will be held on Wednesday August 1st (time and location TBD), which will include:

  • A short “placemaking” training by The Musicant Group
  • Brainstorming for activation ideas
  • More detailed instructions and Q&A

For more information, questions or to sign up please email: Dave Wanberg @ OR 507-333-0350.  Individuals who require accommodations are encouraged to contact Dave.